11AM Tuesday, October 8 Graveside

Frumah Packard Cemetery

Stacy Beth Veeder

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Stacy Beth Veeder, 61, of Syracuse, NY and Key West, FL, died Saturday after a short illness.
She grew up in Smithtown, Long Island, NY and was the daughter of the late Marvin Veeder and
the late Muriel Veeder.

Stacy attended Syracuse University where she earned her bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral
degrees. Her career began as a writer for the Daily Orange newspaper, and included serving as
an editor at Syracuse University Offices of Publications and Government Relations. She taught
information technology at Syracuse University, SUNY Oswego, and Florida Keys Community
College. Most recently, Stacy was an educator at the Key West Aquarium in Key West, and a
disaster response volunteer.

Stacy loved live music (especially the blues) and good conversation. She had a strong bond with
her sister Debbie and was a loyal and devoted friend to many people. Stacy was a generous
and loving wife to her soul mate of 39 years, Steve. Stacy and Steve divided their time
between Key West and Syracuse and enjoyed boating, scootering and entertaining.

Stacy is survived by her husband Steven Wechsler; her sister Debbie (Robert) Clevenstine;
brother-in-law Wayne (Robin) Wechsler; nephews Matthew Wechsler, Ralph Dashow, and
Jonathan (Christina) Billker; and several aunts, uncles, cousins and amazing friends.

Funeral services will be at 11AM on Tuesday, October 8, graveside in Frumah Packard
Cemetery. The funeral procession will meet at Sisskind Funeral Chapel, 3175 E. Genesee Street
at 10:45.

Contributions in Stacy’s memory may be made to Sister Season Fund of Key West, FL

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So sorry. A lovely person.

Written by Michael Besman
2019-10-06 10:01:11 PM

I am so saddened by your passing. You were one of the kindest, sweetest and most loving people to have walked this earth. You will be missed. Fly with our angels and let your love shine on us.

Written by Sarah Jones
2019-10-06 11:44:09 PM

Fly into the light now, Stacy, fly.

Written by Leslie Stewart
2019-10-06 11:56:38 PM

So sorry to hear of Stacy's passing. She will be missed.

Written by Michael Beattie
2019-10-06 9:53:02 PM

I am deeply saddened by the passing of Stacy. I have only known her for a short amount of time but I loved her immediately. She was such a joy and I would love it when she came in for breakfast with her sister Debbie. I will always remember her smile ... I will miss you Stacy.... Watch over us.

Written by Bonnie Timperio
2019-10-06 9:54:38 PM

Ever since you came to my blues band gig in 1979 in Syracuse , we were great friends. Your generosity, warmth and spirit never wavered, And your life with Steve was amazing. I’m so glad we got together in Key West a few years ago, and stayed in touch via Facebook and Phone. I will never forget you, my dear friend. It is fitting that you passed during the High Holy Days. I will say Kaddish at Yom Kippur this Wed. for you.

Written by Henry Brent
2019-10-07 11:09:23 AM

I am in bits. Stacy was such a wonderful friend to me. I visited with Stacy and Steve a few years ago and we just talked and talked and talked. We tried to take the boat out but it was just TOO windy, so we packed it in and ate Mexican food in upstate New York. I loved Stacy so. My world is much diminished with her not in it. Steve, I am so very sorry. You are in my heart.

Written by Liz Throop
2019-10-07 11:35:25 AM

On behalf of Smithtown HS West '75 our heartfelt sympathy to Stacy's husband Steve, to her sister Debbie and all the family. We are deeply saddened by the loss of our classmate. Peace be with you.

Written by Beverly Vandevender
2019-10-07 11:38:34 PM

Words can not express my sorrow. She will be missed, and I am sending all the love one heart can hold to her family and friends.

Written by Robin Wechsler
2019-10-07 1:07:01 PM dear friend who I have known longer than anyone other than my own family. I have so many fond memories of our childhood together in Laurel Hollow. May you rest in peace always.

Written by Faith Dominy
2019-10-07 1:13:22 AM

Another hole in the Hotdog Church Community. Stacy will be soooo missed by all of us. We all hold Steve in our hearts today...

Written by June Deardorff
2019-10-07 1:19:00 AM

Mammala, Sistah from Temple Beth Shalom in Smithtown, and dear friend from Key West. I miss you already. Rest in peace, baby gurl. No more pain. Love always.

Written by MarciaLynn Faber
2019-10-07 2:34:09 PM

So hard to say good-bye to someone who loved life so much. Stacy was a true friend. We will miss her.

Written by Nancy Moulton
2019-10-07 2:53:18 AM

Our hearts are broken over the passing of our sweet niece Stacy. Although we were miles apart,we always remembered our days together in her youth. Our prayers are with Steve, Debbie and the family and friends who were a large part of her life. Love, Aunt Lee & Uncle Leon

Written by Leon and Leona Veeder
2019-10-07 5:01:31 PM

So sorry to hear of Stacy's passing. Sending condolences and thinking of you, Steve.

Written by Arlene Kanter
2019-10-07 7:33:44 PM

Steve, I am so sorry to learn of Stacy’s passing. She died far too young. She had such a buoyant spirit. I send you my heartfelt condolences and hope you have the support you need to help through this difficult time. Take care, Leslie

Written by Leslie Bender
2019-10-07 7:48:52 PM

I am so, so sorry to learn of Stacey’s death. But she will live on in the good memories that all of her friends and family have!

Written by Craig Watters
2019-10-07 7:49:40 PM

Steve, I am so sorry for your loss. Stacy was so young, and you should have had many more years together. I hope that you are cherishing the fond memories and good times and that you'll find the support you need to get through the difficult times. I'm thinking about you. Bill

Written by Bill Banks
2019-10-07 8:09:57 PM

Our deepest condolences for your loss, Steve. We're thinking of you. Michael and Patricia Schwartz

Written by Michael and Patricia Schwartz
2019-10-07 8:34:10 PM

Steve, Bob and I are so sorry to hear this news . She was a charming person and so young . Our deepest sympathy, Sarah Ramsey

Written by Sarah Ramsey
2019-10-07 8:38:55 PM

Steve and family: My heart breaks along with yours. Stacy was so many things, thoughtful, caring, adventurous, fun. She was an irreplaceable soul. She will be terribly missed. I miss you Steve. You are in my thoughts. Joni

Written by Joni Eddy
2019-10-08 12:03:12 AM

I was so sorry to hear of Stacy's passing. My prayers are with her family🙏🙏🙏

Written by Karen Kelly Benoit
2019-10-08 12:20:00 AM

I was so sorry to hear of Stacy's passing. We went to school together and I was lucky to apend time with her at our 40th reunion. My prayers are with her family🙏🙏🙏

Written by Karen Kelly Benoit
2019-10-08 12:24:18 AM

Stacy and I met each other, while at SU. We lost track of each other and then reconnected a few years ago. And it was as though the intervening years had never happened! Stacy was one of my favorite people! I was planning on trying to see her, and meet Steve, if possible, this winter. I am shocked, saddened beyond belief, and will dearly miss her. She meant a lot to me.

Written by Sandy Lea
2019-10-08 12:39:47 PM

So saddened and heartbreaking to here the passing of Stacy. Our condolences to Steve and family. Stacy was so full of life, love , kindness and compassion. Always wanting to give a hand and comfort one in time of need. We will miss her dearly. Steve our thoughts and prayers go out to you. We are here if you need anything.. Love, Magda/ LaWanda

Written by Magda Balbuena
2019-10-08 1:49:41 PM

Steve: Shocked and saddened to hear of Stacy's passing. Mary Kay and I remember our links with you both through the law school, Stacy's doctoral work and your generous tourist advice about Key West. Thank you. Tom Maroney

Written by Thomas Maroney
2019-10-08 4:19:14 PM

Stacy I can't believe you are gone. You were a part of my growing up years for so long. You were more my sister Debbie's friend but we still did things as a group. So many fun memories like when I locked you out of the house and we broke the glass on the door pushing on it trying to get in. Or when we colored the salvo laundry detergent tablet purple and told my sister Melanie it was a big sweet tart lol. We were either laughing or fighting just like sisters. I love you girl. Rest in paradise. Till we meet again.

Written by Cheryl Tompkins-Hicks
2019-10-08 5:14:24 AM

Our deepest condolences on your loss. Steve, take good care of yourself. Hilary & Lew

Written by Hilary Josephs
2019-10-08 5:17:15 PM

It is said that a person lives as long as those who knew, loved, were touched, or laughed with them, hold them in their hearts and remember them with a smile or a tear. Those of us who were privileged to see the love and devotion pouring out of Steve, being matched, breath for breath, by the effort Stacey made to live on and recover, will hold the sacredness of their love as a standard to measure ourselves by. By this measure, Stacey will live ‘til the last breath is breathed by the last of us, and from the stories we tell and share, for generations beyond.

Written by Dennis & Mary Lerner
2019-10-10 11:09:52 PM